Networks Affect our Lives CCNA Cisco
Networks Affect our Lives CCNA Cisco

Networks Affect our Lives

Networks Affect our Lives


This topic Explain how networks affect our daily lives. Start learning CCNA 200-301 for free right now!

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Networks Connect Us

Among all of the essentials for human existence, the need to interact with others ranks just below our need to sustain life. Communication is almost as important to us as our reliance on air, water, food, and shelter.

In today’s world, through the use of networks, we are connected like never before. People with ideas can communicate instantly with others to make those ideas a reality. News events and discoveries are known worldwide in seconds. Individuals can even connect and play games with friends separated by oceans and continents.

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Cisco Networking Academy
Cisco Networking Academy

No Boundaries

Advancements in networking technologies are perhaps the most significant changes in the world today. They are helping to create a world in which national borders, geographic distances, and physical limitations become less relevant, presenting ever-diminishing obstacles.

CCNA No Boundaries
CCNA No Boundaries

The internet has changed the manner in which our social, commercial, political, and personal interactions occur. The immediate nature of communications over the internet encourages the creation of global communities. Global communities allow for social interaction that is independent of location or time zone.

The creation of online communities for the exchange of ideas and information has the potential to increase productivity opportunities across the globe.

The creation of the cloud lets us store documents and pictures and access them anywhere, anytime. So whether we are on a train, in a park, or standing on top of a mountain, we can seamlessly access our data and applications on any device.

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