Technological Innovations in the Online Casino World
Technological Innovations in the Online Casino World

Technological Innovations in the Online Casino World

The technological innovations that have been incorporated into the online casino world in recent years are proving to be more and more interesting. As a result, the number of enthusiasts who embrace digital media to play sitios de juegos de casino online. Find out in this review what are the main technological innovations adopted in the online casino industry.

Blockchain: the long awaited innovation

Blockchain is the main technology that legitimizes the use of crypto-currencies around the world. Moreover, crypto-currencies are means of payment that have become widely famous due to their generally very high values. For example, bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency, is currently worth over €30,000.

Blockchain and casino concept
Blockchain and casino concept

Initially, crypto-currencies were particularly complex assets, reserved only for stock market investments. However, over time, their use has become enormously democratized. Today, crypto-currencies are accepted means of payment for almost all types of financial transactions.

In doing so, online casinos have been quick to embrace the blockchain in an effort to attract players who prefer to bet in crypto-currencies. Above all, it is about offering more alternatives to punters in terms of payment options. In this sense, the integration of crypto-currencies into the casino world is one of the most interesting innovations.

Indeed, it is now possible to bet on almost any online casino title using only crypto-currencies. For example, you can easily play blackjack with crypto-currency.

Mobile applications have become a must

In terms of technological innovations in the world of online casinos, the use of mobile applications is certainly one of the greatest success stories.

Today, it is almost impossible to find a single online casino site that does not have its own mobile application where bettors can directly place their bets with complete peace of mind.

Man using smartphone to play casino games
Man using smartphone to play casino games

And for good reason, mobile applications offer an advantage that is still unmatched to this day: mobility. Whether they are on the move or not, punters can access their favorite game titles at any time. All they have to do is open the dedicated application on their smartphone to access the chosen casino platform directly.

Moreover, according to figures recently published by INSEE, more than 95% of the population over 15 years old owns a smartphone. This means that mobile applications are effective technological innovations that allow online casinos to register more players and, above all, to keep them loyal.

Virtual reality for a better gaming experience

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technological innovation that allows online casinos to satisfy gamblers who want to play online, but like the atmosphere of a gaming room. Indeed, it is a technology that allows operators to recreate virtually the real conditions of a gaming room.

As a result, this mode of online gaming is becoming increasingly popular. For an optimal experience, the user must equip himself with a virtual reality headset. However, virtual reality casino games are still quite an expensive investment, if you consider the relatively high price of a virtual reality headset. This is why there are still very few online casino sites that offer this technological innovation.

Artificial Intelligence is coming to the world of online casinos

Artificial intelligence concept for casino
Artificial intelligence concept for casino

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a wonderful technological innovation, which is increasingly used in the world of online casino. It offers more than interesting perspectives. This is especially true for operators who want to improve the quality of the user experience for their customers.

For example, AI can be used to collect data on bettors’ habits to determine their favorite games. Bookmakers and online casinos can then use this data to develop more attractive offers (bonuses, promotions…) adapted to each profile.

This way, everyone is happy, since the expectations of the players are met and the casinos remain competitive on the market.

Beyond data collection, most online casinos use artificial intelligence to set up a responsive customer service. This mostly translates into automated messages defined by AI to address the most common concerns of users of these platforms.

What are the technological innovations in the world of online casino security?

  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology: is generally used by online and even land-based casinos to track and secure their chips. It is an authentication method that prevents players from using chips from other casinos;
  • Facial recognition: is one of the recent technological innovations that online casinos offer to secure their customers’ accounts.


It is obvious that online casino games have gained notoriety thanks to the various technological innovations that are integrated into them every day. As much on the lucrative, attractive and even secure side, we can expect these technologies to be much more developed in the days to come.

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