AI Technology has changed the World of Web Casinos
AI Technology has changed the World of Web Casinos

AI Technology has changed the World of Web Casinos

AI is the future of online gaming sites and is now a key element of the user experience. Currently, there are many methods to design artificial intelligence and they can offer a multitude of results. For example, over time, algorithm testing has increased in real money web roulette games to provide players with an immersive experience. Another trend in artificial intelligence in casinos is the automatic responses provided by virtual agents in a customer service and social media platforms related to casinos. And yes, even that is AI!

Futuristic casino concept

Player identification

One of the main trends with AI in the casino world is the identification of the most valuable and profitable players. At the moment, there is an ecosystem of SMEs, which offer predictive analytics options that go in this direction. Thus, online casinos using artificial intelligence to identify customers who can play a lot (and therefore lose a lot) will multiply. This will maximize the revenue of the casinos. Casino sites such as https://lallamaqueapuesta.com/juegos-de-casino/ use machine learning software to study the frequency of visits, the amount of money played and the type of game. Thus, AI can be useful for the player, but also (in a way) against him and his interests.

The player must be happy as soon as he logs in

One of the most important aspects is that when the player enters the gaming site, he or she should be completely comfortable. In order to achieve this, the platforms use artificial intelligence to understand the players’ behavior. The goal? To offer a list of games that are adapted and that the player will definitely like. This way, the player will not have to search for the games that match him/her while browsing the portal. Here, AI is a real time saver.

Artificial intelligence in slots and poker

When AI came along, web gaming changed completely. The first game where artificial intelligence was used was the slot machine. For years now, AI has been present (without necessarily knowing it) in slots. Optimized year after year, an example of artificial intelligence had made a lot of noise not long ago: a poker AI system named Deep Stack beat professionals at Texas Hold’em poker, the most popular variant. Moreover, the story has been repeated in other games such as chess (a game not present in the online casino). As you can see, the AI is now much stronger than the player.

Concept of AI in roulette
Concept of AI in roulette


Finally, AI technology can make sense in gambling and especially in roulette. For example, it is possible to use it to predict the behavior of cheating players. The purpose of the method is that it is not necessary to know by which system a user can cheat an online gambling site. A fully trained artificial intelligence will therefore be extremely effective. If there is any doubt, it will contact a human operator to reveal the possible infringement.

Whether there is AI or not, consider playing the bonuses at your online casino. For example, with online casino free spins promotions, you will be able to play as if in free mode thanks to the free spins bonus.

If artificial intelligence becomes widespread, what will be the impact on luck?

This question is bound to intrigue many gamblers, whether they are Canadian or not. Can AI take away some of the player’s luck? Recently, a study proved that artificial intelligence could make a mathematical prediction of a user’s behavior. By researching unfamiliar gamer behavior, Feature Space’s signature machine learning mechanism has, for example, been able to ferret out players who cheat at certain video games.

However, when it comes to betting and wagering, artificial intelligence cannot predict or even influence the outcome.

AI in web casinos: what to expect in the future?

Casino and chips in 3d illustration
Casino and chips in 3d illustration

Artificial intelligence is going to become more and more widespread over the years. The two main trends are VR (virtual reality), which will become more and more important in casinos, with an experience that will be more and more immersive.

The second trend is reinforcement learning. Since customer relations are an integral part of the user experience, AI offers the possibility to go even further, thanks in particular to the presence of machine learning algorithms. With new technologies, virtual agents are becoming more and more competent and professional in their responses. One of the main reasons? Reinforcement mechanisms.

From now on, technology is at the service of the player and offers more and more immersion options in order to feel like in a web game site. In the future, expect to see more and more interesting innovations. One of the major new features of AI is force feedback, which will give the player the ability to feel the shape of the chips and feel as if they are holding virtual items. In the online casino industry, expect to see augmented reality technology become more and more prominent among online casino operators. Finally, AI is not just a trend but the future of the web casino.

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